7 tips to combine colors when dressing

The process of combining colors when it comes to dressing says a lot about our style, good taste, and personality.

While it seems like a simple task, sometimes we realize that we make some mistakes that can make us look bad.

It is worth mentioning that it is worth playing with the contrasts of tones and types of garments. However, it is good to keep in mind some tips to avoid falling into extravagant or too risky mixtures.

For this reason today we want to propose some tips to help you combine clothes better. In this way, we can achieve a great appearance and adapted to current trends.

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Tips to better combine clothes

1. Combine colors according to the color wheel

The color wheel is a very useful tool for those who have doubts about how to combine their clothes without falling into “horrors of clothing”.

Although trends are changing and they are becoming more daring, this circle has two basic rules that facilitate this task:

  • Cameo: It consists of combining nearby colors in the color wheel for the garments we choose.  For example, beige and brown.
  • Contrast: In this case, the garments combine opposite shades in the circle.

2. Wear basic garments to combine colors

One of the simplest ways to achieve a perfect combination of clothes is, as a rule, basic and neutral colored garments.

In this sense, this type of clothing, which every woman should have, combines with all colors. In addition, they are useful for creating a large number of looks.

Then, try to have in your closet:

  • Dark jeans
  • White pants
  • Black and white shirts
  • Black dress
  • Classic coat
  • Dark sweater
  • Black tights ( leggings ).
  • Flat shoes.
  • Black high heels.

3. Do not dress with more than three colors

This rule is one of the most important to wear a perfect style.

There are many colors that combine with each other. However, it is best to avoid putting too many together in one look. Well,  we want to avoid being too colorful or “clown” type.

If there is a need to wear more colors than recommended, try to be in the accessories and not in the basic garments.

4. Mix prints

Until a few years ago the mix of prints was considered as one of the worst fashion mistakes that could be made.

However, today they are part of the latest trends, and they fit perfectly. Of course, as long as they are not too loaded with color.

In this way, different prints, textures, and fabrics can be combined in the same look.  Especially for casual situations.

5. Choose accessories of different colors

Until a few years ago it was thought that choosing accessories of the same color was the best way to combine and highlight the other garments.

However, today is a thing of the past. Currently, fashion experts say that this choice is a mistake that can make you look bad.

In this sense, the colors of shoes, wallets, and belts must be different. Always trying to fit each other.

6. Take advantage of neutral colors

Neutral colors, like basic garments, are essential in everyone’s closet. Shades such as white, black or gray can help you achieve the look you want without complicating so much.

The advantage of these colors is that they can be combined with almost any other shade.  This allows you to have more certainty of the style you are wearing.

For example, white combined well with the other tones, although it is not convenient to use them with clothes that are too light.

Instead, the black helps highlight more muted tones and helps achieve a look sophisticated, sensual and elegant.

7. Choose colors according to skin tone

While it is good to take into account the combination of shades between garments, it is also essential to know the colors that most favor the skin tone of each.

There are colors that fit all of them, but the fact that the skin is light or dark is decisive for the garments to stand out and look good with the desired look. This rule also influences the color of hair and eyes.

So, did you like these tips? They will certainly help you when combining colors for your next outfits. Keep them in mind the next time you go to combine your favorite clothes and you will be surer of the look you want to wear.

Of course, make sure your outfits favor your figure and make you feel good.  Otherwise, keep combining until you feel comfortable.

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