All of Us Are Dead Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Story | Zombie KDrama Coming to Netflix

All of Us Are Dead is yet another latest K-Drama that is all set to air on Netflix. The horror-based zombie drama, directed by Lee Jae Gyoo, known for Trap and Intimate Strangers, is based on a popular webtoon. 

Although All of Us Are Dead follows the lucrative ‘zombie’ genre, the story’s premise is quite different from that of ‘The Kingdom,’ another popular zombie K-Drama on Netflix. Want some details on the upcoming series? Here’s is all that we know. 

When is All of Us Are Dead coming to Netflix?

Netflix has been broadening its reach in South Korea, clearly visible by the number of South Korean titles we have. The massive trend of adapting webtoons for screens is taking over Netflix as well. In the past, Strangers From Hell and Itaewon Class were seen on the OTT platform. 

All of Us Are Dead is no exception. The series was announced and confirmed last year in April during a press conference. However, since then, very little information is available regarding the series. Furthermore, no “certain” release date has been announced as of now. 

It is expected that the Netflix adaptation would be hitting the screens in the first half of 2021. 

All of Us Are Dead: Cast

The cast for the series was announced at the same press conference last year. Here is the list of cast: 

  • Yoon Chan Young has been cast as Cheong San
  • Park Ji Hoo has been cast as Ohn Jo
  • Jo Yi Hyun has been cast as Nam Ra
  • Park Solomon has been cast as Su Hyuk
  • Yoo In Soo has been cast as Gwi Nam

Apart from the above-mentioned cast members, supporting cast members had been announced in April 2020 as well. 

All of Us Are Dead: Story

The story is based on a popular South Korean webtoon by Joo Dong-Geun, which literally translates to Now at Our School.  The webtoon ran in South Korea from 2009 to 2011. The series’ production started last year in April. 

As for the story, it is expected that the story would essentially follow what happened in the webtoon. However, we hope that some details may not make it to the screens. Despite that, there has been no other information about the series. 

Furthermore, those who have already read the webtoon might already know where the story is going. Also, the involvement of school and zombies is no secret. We won’t get into too many details here, as everyone here does not want the series to be spoiled. 

Things You Need To Know About ‘All of Us Are Dead’

At the time of writing, the last known information regarding the production was that production had been halted in November 2020. Furthermore, when the production was suspended, it was said that the show would begin two weeks hence. 

The anticipation for this series is extremely high. We can expect some thrilling storylines and intensive battle sequences when it airs on Netflix. All in all, we can’t contain our excitement for this series.

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